The Heart of Practice Summer Retreat 2017

Meditation/Ngondro/Yoga Retreat/Feldenkrais
A week long practice intensive June 3-10, 2017

Seven Circles Retreat Center in Badger, CA
Near the entrance to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.

Led by Khaydroup Zangmo, Assisted by Barbara Rose Sherman and Deidre Sklar

Welcome to a week-long practice intensive!

It is fortunate indeed to have the time to delve deeply into spiritual discovery. In the natural tranquility of the Seven Circles Retreat Center we have the opportunity to set aside our daily responsibilities, unplug devices, and experience the true relief that comes from cultivating an aware mind and an open heart. Learning to be gentle with ourselves and “to relax in the doing” is liberating and transformative. The key is finding the balance between, “not too tight, and not too loose”, between relaxed discipline and awake relaxation.

In so doing we discover that peace and happiness are already present within our own mind, we only need to relax and let go of everything that is obscuring the innate qualities of our wisdom and compassion.
The retreat space allows for concurrent practices. There is a spacious carpeted yurt for the practice of Meditation, Yoga/Feldenkrais, and Chenrezig in the evenings. There is a lodge with a hard wood floor for Ngondro or Preliminary Practices, doubling as the dining room during the breaks. There are shady outdoor spaces for sitting and walking meditation. Practitioners are encouraged to find their own practice rhythms and take responsibility for maintaining the discipline of their own pre-determined practice schedule. Study and private interviews will be part of the schedule as will daily Dharma talks. The book we will use for study is “Heart Advice From a Mahamudra Master” by Gendun Rinpoche.

Please join experienced teachers and a supportive spiritual community for time to explore your inner richness through Dharma practice, study, and being in a beautiful natural setting.

We warmly invite you to come and experience the joy of slowing down and paying kind and gentle attention to your mind and body. As the program is customized, it is suited for all levels, including beginners.

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