Celebrate Chokhor Duchen on July 28th

Chökhor Düchen – The Buddha’s First Teaching

Chökhor Düchen is the ‘Festival of Turning the Wheel of Dharma’ — one of the four major Tibetan Buddhist holidays.

For seven weeks after his enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, the Buddha did not give teachings. After these seven weeks, and after being requested to teach, the Buddha turned the Wheel of Dharma for the first time, at Sarnath, near Varanasi, by teaching the ‘Four Noble Truths to his five companions from his time practicing asceticism. 

An explanation of the occasion will occur at our normal Sunday meeting on Sunday, July 23. The official day of this great occasion will be celebrated with a deeper and more rigorous practice on Friday  July 28 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the center.

Effects of all positive and negative actions on July 28 are multiplied 10 MILLION times, so it is an excellent time to dedicate ourselves to all kinds of spiritually positive actions.
Come and celebrate this great occasion with us.

One Last Chance to Roll Mantras

This Saturday May 6th

The San Luis Obispo Bodhi Path Center will host one more day of mantra rolling. All the mantra sheets we received have been rolled. Now they need to be covered and wrapped. We’re planning a morning (9-12) and afternoon (1-4) session. If you can help with this unique and mindful opportunity, please contact sanluisobispo@bodhipath.org and let us know the session you’d like to attend.

Shamar Rinpoche, founder of the Bodhi Path centers worldwide, passed on in 2014. A traditional Tibetan buddhist Reliquary Stupa Structure at the US Bodhi Path headquaters in Natural Bridge, VA, has been under construction to hold Shamar’s relics. The structure will house one of the few golden stupas in the world built for Rinpoche’s relics, and the only one in north America. The stupa will be consecrated this summer.

As part of the consecration process, it will be filled with many thousands of mantras printed on paper, rolled up and bound. Each Bodhi Path Center has been offered a part in creating some of the mantra rolls to be placed in this stupa. The San Luis Obispo Center has accepted this honor.

And… on Sunday, May 7th

Join us from 10-12 for group meditation and a continuing discussion of Lojong (Mind Training) as presented in Shamar Rinpoche’s commentary “The Path to Awakening”.

Lojong Discussion on April 2nd

On Sunday, April 2nd during our regular morning session from 10 AM to 12 PM, we will continue our ongoing discussion of the The First Point of Mind Training (Lojong), learning the preliminaries. We are using Shamar Rinpoche’s commentary on Lojong “The Path to Awakening“. We will focus on the “The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind”, which teacher Khaydroup Zangmo discussed last week via webcast.

This section of “The Path to Awakening” is excerpted in Google Books. Click here to read it.

Some thoughts on The Four Thoughts from Tsokni Rinnpoche:


Introducing the Mindworks App

Bodhi Path Dharma Teacher Bart Mendel is involved in developing a meditation app called Mindworks. Here’s a message from Bart describing the project.

“Dharma Friends,

Here is an amazing project I’ve been working on with a small team for the last two years—announcing the free Mindworks Meditation App!

Mindworks’ (a 501c3 non-profit) mission is to foster greater happiness and well-being by making meditation relevant for today’s challenges and accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. The app content is purposely designed to create a bridge for newcomers to cross over into the genuine dharma. There’s lots of free content in the app and subscriptions will support insightful new content and our growing international team of awesome Mind Trainers.  We ask everyone’s help in spreading the word and encouraging families, friends, sanghas and anyone else in the six realms to download the free app and become subscribers!


More information and links to download the app for iOS or Android are available at the Mindworks web site.