Starting Sept. 9, 2018. Stages of the Path: Series Two – Dependent Arising and Karma with Bart Mendel online

A six-class series by Bart Mendel starting September 9, 2018. Participate in the live, interactive broadcasts on Sunday evenings or watch the recorded videos anytime.

One of the most important teachings of the Buddha is dependent arising: not understanding this is considered the root of samsara.

The teachings on karma are detailed instructions on how volitional actions cause results. Understanding this is the “Right View” that forms the basis for our practice of Dharma. Through Right View, we improve our understanding of the world and manifest this in our daily lives through beneficial conduct. These in turn inform our meditation practice. 

Over six Sunday evenings, Bart will guide us to an understanding of the Buddha’s teachings on karma and dependent arising. Students who participate in the live teachings are able to join in the interactive discussions, but all classes are video recorded so everyone regardless of location, schedule or time zone can attend the entire series by registering for the class.


All interactive online classes broadcast live from 7:00 to 8:30 PM Pacific Time. Our intention is to make the video recordings available online the next day.

Class 1, September 9Dependent Arising
Class 2, September 16Unwholesome and Wholesome Actions
Class 3, September 23How Karma Works
Class 4, September 30Laws of Karma
Class 5, October 7Reincarnation
Class 6, October 14Dependent Arising and Emptiness