The San Luis Obispo Bodhi Path Center is fortunate to have access to gifted  buddhist scholars and teachers through the International Bodhi Path organization.  Based on the principles established by Shamar Rinpoche, their teachings are non-sectarian and open to anyone interested in learning how the teachings of the Buddha can lead to greater awareness and happiness. Listed below are links to information about our teachers.

Regularly visiting teachers:

Trinlay Rinpoche

Khenpo Tsering – Khenpo teaches us the Dharma while he resides at the San Luis Obispo center for several months during the summer, between his stays in India and travels around the world.

Khaydroup Zangmo – Khaydroup is the resident teacher at the Pasadena Bodhi Path Center and teaches monthly workshops on meditation at the San Luis Obispo center.

Lama Jampa Thaye

Teachers who have taught at SLO Bodhi Path in the recent past:

Bart Mendel

Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Shenyen Lama Jampa


Lara Braitstein

Pamela Gayle White