Tips for Online Meetings

  1. Join a ZOOM meeting by clicking on the link provided using your computer or mobile device. Detailed information on how to join meetings is available on the ZOOM help page “Joining a Meeting“.
  2. Please don’t be late. Join the meeting 5 minutes ahead of time.
  3. We have found it best to download and install the ZOOM app as several features, including “screen sharing”, are not available in the web client, depending on which web browser you use.
  4. Once you have joined a meeting, please consider “muting” your audio, especially if there is background noise in your environment.
  5. Online Etiquette Guidelines (adapted from teacher Khaydroup’s recommendations). Please remember that while we are streaming, we are representing Bodhi Path to the world wide web. So please practice proper shrine room etiquette. Before the streaming begins, please be quietly settled in your seats ready to be fully present. Once the streaming begins we are “on the air” so to speak. Anyone coming in late, should settle down as quickly and as quietly as possible with a minimum of distraction. Please leave all food and drink outside off camera view.